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Line of Rockwell party goods. I am a fairly quiet and humble man and I generally don't like tooting my own horn, but in the case I must make an exception. Every product that Tapper made for this line of stuff was put together by me. Tapper had to have style guide artwork well before Hallmark had it ready to meet our ship dates, so this project was always in a rush. Nearly the entire line called for process color plus two spots, gold and that everpresent tan.The process artwork had to retain the white elements and Hallmark didn't supply masks for the tan layer, so I meticulously made my own. Several different Hallmark companies were making Rockwell products which, the last I heard, led to the line's ruin. Every other company didn't follow the style guide correctly, and so all the products were wrong. Except for Tapper's. Except for mine. Toot, toot.